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Get instant access to a never released portion of Wendy’s 5-step program. This 30 day course will help you redefine values, and who you are.

Join Wendy for 4-weeks as she teaches you how to start setting boundaries with the people in your life (including yourself) starting NOW!

Inside Co-Parenting Apart you will join Wendy and learn how to Co-Parent with your partner while respecting yourself and your kids. 

Gain instant access to this 7 day series to step into your power, find your true voice and grow your confidence.

Discover essential strategies to overcome emotional turmoil and unlock the confidence needed to create a new chapter.

Learn how to empower yourself as a Divorced Woman to Thrive: 5 Steps to Heal & Get Unstuck Workshop!

Empowering Divorced Women to Thrive: Transform Your Life at the “Rising from the Ashes” Workshop!

Join Wendy for a transformative experience as you add her R.E.H.A.B. system into your life. It’s time for a new you.

Join Wendy in person in Sedona Arizona for a transformative & rejuvenating experience. Get guidance, perks and relaxation.

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