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At “Rising From The Ashes” event, women will learn essential strategies for overcoming the emotional turmoil of divorce and gaining the confidence they need to move forward and create a fulfilling new chapter in their lives.

Join me June 12-16th and learn...

💥 Learn the importance of self-exploration and self-awareness in the process of rebuilding oneself after divorce.

💥 Discover and break free from negative thought patterns that keep you stuck in a cycle of victimhood and self-pity.

💥 Develop healthy coping mechanisms and tools to process and heal emotional wounds from the past.

💥 Take ownership of your role in the marriage and the divorce, and using this newfound accountability to create a brighter future.

💥 Learn values and boundaries to set goals to create a vision for the next chapter of your life.

💥 Money mindset tips that took me from in debt to earning 6-figures

Who is this event for?

💖 Women who are going through or have gone through a divorce and are struggling to move forward.

💖 Those of you who feel lost and unsure of their identity and voice.

💖 Attendees who want to learn how to overcome a victim mindset and move past self-pity.

💖 Someone who wants to discover how to heal their emotional wounds and find closure from their past.

💖 The event will teach women to accept accountability for their actions and take control of their lives.

💖 For those of you who are afraid of their financial future and need guidance on how to build a new life for themselves.

Who is this event NOT for?

This event is not suitable for women who are not willing to actively participate in the healing process and take accountability for their role in their past experiences. It is also not appropriate for women who are not open to learning and growing from the insights and experiences of others. Finally, this event may not be suitable for women who are seeking a quick fix or overnight solution to their struggles, as healing and growth often require ongoing effort and commitment.

The workshop will empower women to

reclaim their identity, overcome self-limiting beliefs, heal emotional wounds, accept their present circumstances, and build a new life filled with forgiveness and personal growth.

Rediscover Your Identity and Voice

How to reclaim their identity and voice, embracing their authentic selves and expressing themselves confidently.

Breaking Free from Victimhood and Embracing Personal Power

Strategies to end the pity party and victim mindset, empowering themselves to take ownership of their lives and choices.

Nurturing Emotional Wellness and Cultivating Forgiveness

Techniques for healing emotional wounds related to their divorce, finding closure and learning effective coping strategies.

Embracing Your Journey and Taking Personal Responsibility

The importance of accepting their present circumstances without judgment and holding themselves accountable for personal growth.

Creating a New Life Fueled by Forgiveness and Growth

How to build a new and fulfilling life based on the foundation of forgiveness, practicing forgiveness towards themselves and others and taking actionable steps towards a thriving future.

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Join Me June 12-16th

Daily at 9am PST | 12pm EST